Canada Goose coats are the best thing for your wardrobe

Canada goose has well accepted by customers around the world and more and more people would like to opt for Canada goose jackets as outwear during the cold winter. Then how to wash the Canada goose jackets becomes an essential problem. Here, we will introduce you some good ways to wash the Canada goose jackets. First, you should get it ready for washing; you should take out of every thing from the pockets, and then shake the jacket to loose down items. Second, you should use commercial washer that can be got in the local Laundromat. Third, adding 2/3 cup of down detergent to your washer and wash the jacket under gentle cycle, after washer finishes running, take the jacket out and gently squeeze water out, flatten and make the jacket relaxed, then lay it on a clean surface. Forth, you should put the jacket in a commercial dryer, make it heated in medium portion, and take it out five minutes later. Last, you should loose and press then jacket to make the down filling evenly. And then you[……]

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